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The Sunstone Chronicle is a Retro-RPG created with RPGMaker MV.

It focuses on a deep and complex story, interesting and diverse characters, exploration and tactical battles.

Join Nemo, an outcast Telepath and Suntouched on his search in a place inside a world filled with prejudice and hate but also hope and possibilities. Accompanied by Pandora, an ex-knight and vampire and Aaron, an acolythe of the Goddess Ymera, they face whatever the world throws at them - until something far more dangerous from the past steps outside its shadow...

Get involved in the conflict between Suntouched, a folk living in exile on their home island, forced to sell their unique magic to those who can't possess it in order to maintain peace and safety for their kind, and the rest of the world.

Travel a world which is as beautiful as it is dangerous, solve riddles, explore dungeons or just simply get lost in exploration.

About the game and development:

  • Custom graphics like Facesets, Enemies, etc.
  • Exclusive Soundtrack
  • Tactical battles (quality over quantity)
  • Lots of lore and exploration
  • Things like Titlescreen, Textboxes and Menues are still WiP and will get replaced in the future with custom assets.

About the demo:

  • ~30 minutes gameplay
  • The demo covers a small intro, a playable prologue which also serves as a kind of tutorial. (Tutorial Options can be turned off at the beginning)
  • The demo is kind of final in terms of content, except the parts which were mentioned above as WiP.

I'm always happy about feedback, no matter if positive or negative -  it's the only way I can grow as a developer and The Sunstone Chronicle can grow as a game.

If you encounter bugs or things where you think, they shouldn't be, please be so kind and report them to me, so I can take a look at it and fix it.


You can also find TheSunstone Chronicle on Twitter and Instagram.

It is not allowed to upload the game on other sites! If you want to share the game, share the link to this page!


TheSunstoneChronicle.zip 339 MB

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Nice demo. The second time I played it through I got along better with the fights. Sometimes I need some time to develop an eye for the details.

Definitely a very good playable demo that makes you want more!


Nice mapping and cool game! Check the demo out!

Thank you! :)

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I have made a little first impressions video if you would like to check out what i thought about your game.


Hey Yorkshire-Pud!

Thanks for playing the demo. The crash at the end of the video is "new". Never happened before in my testruns :(

I will have a look at the issue, already planning a small update with some other fixes - if you want I can provide you a savefile from where you left at the end of the video.

Anyway thanks for your feedback it was fun to watch! :)


It was a strange little crash. I have mentioned on the video you have now updated and fixed the bug. xD Once again, well done with making a beautiful game! It was a pleasure to play. : )


I just play the demo an is incredible! The art style is beautiful. And I really love the mechanics in the fight and for the puzzle. Have an incredible potential. I recommend to everyone to check out the demo!